On Being God’s Favourite Child (and being a Lucky Dumbass)

By the sea shore

Often, we wonder if our existence really holds any meaning, what purpose are we fulfilling in this world of seven billion plus people, are we any special that God would bother to care about us. I believe and I strongly feel that I always had his blessings with me.

I have considered myself to be a dumb ass. I really never was a bright child in the class. I was just average in any field you could have imagined – academics, art, sports, oration, leadership or music. Basically, nothing to make me stand out of the crowd. But, I think at some point I underwent a transformation. I began to identify what I can do, where my skills were. I started to excel in studies, I improved upon my oration skills, I could lead small groups of people. By the time I reached senior secondary, I had a come a long way forward. Eleven years of schooling had been nothing like illustrious or exemplary. But, standard 12th turned out to be different. I became the school captain, I topped the board exams in my school and I got the Principal’s Award for qualities of discipline, hard work, diligence, and leadership. When I left school in 2010, I was only the second student in school’s history to have all the three distinctions. Five years down the line, when I look back at those times, I strongly feel that these all would have not been possible without the indomitable spirit that God blessed me with. Many a times, I still feel that I was doing nothing special to deserve all this.

I entered National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur for my bachelor’s degree. Again, I was no special here. Most of the students who entered here were my equals or even much better than I could ever be. I was clueless about what should be done in four years, how to stand apart from others. The first year simply rushed by, I used to keep myself to my room, mostly studying. But, as second year was about to begin, something very positive happened to me. Till this day, I fail to pinpoint to exactly what happened, but I know I started to get several things right. I read a lot of good books by good authors, I was following blogs, I started focusing on practical projects, I got engaged in social service, in academics I focused on learning beyond coursework, I met people who loved to learn, I worked actively in various teams, I had an eye on the future and I how I wanted things to turn out. It really started paying off. By the end of third year, I had won several prizes at various technical festivals, I won the regional finale for India Youth Hunt, and soon after I got placed at Samsung Research. It was no different this time. I used to think many a times, what is it that I am doing to be blessed with such loving juniors with whom I interacted a lot, or why I get so much love from the kids at Sankalp (our NGO for kids), or the respect that I get from people. For me, the only convincing answer has been that I feel myself to be god’s favorite child.

Currently, here at Bangalore, for the past one year, the feeling of being a lucky dumb ass blessed by God has grown stronger by many magnitudes. My first team of algorithm design and my current team of hardware verification have proved to be excellent support groups to be me. I have learnt so much from them. While others cringe and crib about their work, I find so much pride in what I do, I find so much happiness in talking to my teammates. And, my workplace has not been without its own awards and recognition.

There are many other little things that make me feel that I am blessed. The silent love of parents, how they are always around for me; that I get to meet friends now and then; that I find time to travel and to read; that I have such good roommates; that I am still able to volunteer for social work; that I have been able to keep a healthy body and mind; they all all strengthen my conviction that I am indeed blessed. All the praises that I get to hear about myself, I feel are mere exaggerations, for I am doing nothing special. All I have done is to try to be a good human being. It is amazing, really amazing to be God’s favorite child.

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