On the power of fundamental values in guiding your life

Core Value

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In several of my previous posts, I talk about how I feel blessed to be God’s favorite child. I also talk about the importance of leaving an impact wherever you go. I think at a fundamental level, a meaningful life involves nothing very grand. What I say and what I believe is you can measure a man’s success by the importance and faith he puts in the most fundamental values. I believe there are four of these values.

Live your life on the firm foundation of diligence, hard work, discipline, and humility. Everything else will fall in place without effort. Because the time of judgement does not look at what you took, but what you gave away.

The idea of diligence, hard work and discipline is so powerful, yet people fail to realize the magic it can do, for we fail to appreciate the simplicity of it. Come to think of it, only a handful of people have natural instincts to succeed to any field. Most others will make a mark by continuously working, striving harder, finding gaps in their efforts, going back, thinking, improvising, executing. They may feel despair sometimes, but they break down the huge obstacle in front of them with nothing but constant hard work.

However, success makes many a man arrogant, and this is where the meaning of all one achieves begins to fade away. For if hard work and diligence bring you glory, then humility is the scale on which your laurels will find true value.

Wind and water can erode the mightiest mountains. If you let pride, arrogance and ego overpower you, they will slowly eat into you and your achievements. Never, not once in my life have I taken pride in my success, for I know that success is momentary. I may fail tomorrow. However, be it success or failure, what I do remember and what I value are the lessons learnt from whatever I was doing. I read this quote somewhere – “If you want something you never had, you need to do something you have never done.” The idea is not to do, but to do different.

Take time to reflect upon you successes and failures. They are like peaks and valleys in a mountain and each offers a different perspective of life.

When you are on the peak of success, do not take pride in being there, but rather reflect upon all the small and large obstacles you crossed, the lessons learnt, relationships made, and new ideas built. When in the valley of failure, do not go in despair. For all you need to think of is the next step forward, the path to take, and mistakes to avoid. In my own experience, I keep moving forward all the time, constantly thinking and working, no matter if I fail today or succeed tomorrow.

Somehow, we fail to appreciate these simple ideas, but if you give them importance, they are the forces who will eventually even out all the rough edges in your life, and make you strive for things where true joy lies.

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7 thoughts on “On the power of fundamental values in guiding your life

  1. No doubt the attributes listed are important to have, Vivek! In addition, a compass is very key as well: e.g. the rational or emphatic common good, compassion, or religion? For the listed, the closest trait is “humility”. Of course, the general discussion on caring for others is great!


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