On How Life Has A Curious Way Of Making Things Work In The End

More often than not, we find ourselves at crossroads of many possible directions to take in life. Much has been written about the courage to take the road not taken. Robert Frost’s work by the name ‘The Road Not Taken’ is probably the most widely read or at least known to every other person we meet. In the end, it indeed turns out to be beautiful, the new journey made and the experiences had.

But, what are the factors that actually make the end of a journey beautiful?

I think there are three powerful factors – the amalgamation of which brings forth the sweet fruits of something accomplished. They are your own personal determination, the support of your peer group, your life itself.

For me, this is indeed an interesting way of looking at life – as something separate from who you are, of the things that define you, but still very much belonging solely and wholly to you.

Your life is the force, the infinite energy in your subconscious. It is like the dark matter of the universe. You do not see it, but you feel its effects every now and then. You are in the middle of utter chaos – stuck in traffic with your partner, getting late for the dinner at your favorite place, reservation cancelled and you think that your evening is ruined. However, something happens and both of you end up being beside a beautiful lake, munching on to a burger and listening to soft music. At this point, you think this is something you should have done long ago. While most will simply call this luck, a mere chance, I feel it is our own life, our subconscious that finds wonderful solutions to come out of problems. It always knew what would be best in case the evening doesn’t go as planned. Even without our knowledge, it somehow conjured all possible alternatives and kept them ready. All it asked of us was to listen to it.

A few months ago, I was reading one book after another – all of them the very best literature ever written. I didn’t know then what got me started. But now today, I can see how everything unraveled. At that point of my life, I had to take some crucial decisions about where I wanted to be in my life, about how I wanted my life to be 30 years down the line, what things would matter to me. I was finding no answers, every thing seemed so vague. It was at that point, that something inside me nudged me to start reading books and thus began the spree. I read The Men In The Boat, Catcher In The Rye, The Great Gatsby, The Namesake, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, The Last Lecture, Thinking Fast and Slow, Discovery of The Child, On The Road, Man’s Search for Meaning, The Road Less Traveled, Being Mortal and many, many others. The books gave me all the answers I wanted. It helped me see the future I wanted. I learnt that balance will be the single most important thing in my life. To balance your career goals with caring for people, your health, your family, your mental peace, to find time for social service.

The most important learning and answers came only because I was ready to listen to my subconscious. My subconscious is my life.

I graduated from university last year and since then I have seen many, many moments of success. For me, accolades and awards have kept coming at office, at the NGO where I work, and even for my personal goals aimed at future. Others see my joy and success, it is the first and only thing visible. But it was my life, that hidden force that was by me that helped me to endure all the pain and discipline that made the accomplishments possible.

I made my life a friend in helping me endure the pain and discipline and it didn’t fail me.

I have always wondered what makes possible the good things that happen to us. I have always thanked God for everything he does to me, a post on same is here: ON BEING GOD’S FAVOURITE CHILD. I think he has blessed each one of us by giving us the power of this life, this subconscious. Only those who are ready to listen to it will find wonderful treasures to unravel. I have seen many people blame life for the miseries they suffer. But if you ask me it is not the fault of their life alone. It is how our life is influenced by other lives that makes or breaks things. You can choose to be friends with lives of great people and it will nurture your own subconscious.

I would end with a quote that is one of my favorites – “All people die. Not many people live.” It is entirely up to us how we look upon life as. For me, I have made my life a friend, I trust it that it will make things work out in the end. Only that we have to keen and eager to grow along with it.

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