The unbridled spirit of our institute tech fest – Ojass



In May 2016, it will be two years since I graduated. It still makes me very happy to fondly recollect the days of undergraduate studies. The first day at college when we were moving into an unknown world, to how each of us slowly matured to find family among friends, to those sleepless night thinking if your crush feels the same for you, to the days when the only option you had to eat was Maggi noodles, the frenzy when exams approached, the happiness when we passed, the moments of sorrow when it was time to leave college. In a short span of 4 years we bundled together so many memories.

If I could sometime, I would write a blog on each of these moments of college. However this one blog is focused on the annual techno management festival of the institute.

The tech fest is called Ojass and it signifies the energy within, the free spirit to go past your limits, to shine in darkness.

I have been very, very intimately connected with Ojass at many levels. The first two years of Ojass were mostly about participating in various events and in the learning that followed. And wow, what a good learning it turned out to be.

I picked my first books on microprocessor design, algorithms, digital design, and business fundamentals only after knowing about these from the workshops of Ojass. The real fun was in the three days that witnessed all the events, guest lectures, students coming from different colleges, and the prizes won.

However Ojass in the final two years of college is when I got very deepy and intimately connected with this tech fest and memories that came with it.

Ojass is a very large technical festival by any standards – spanning hundreds of events across various fields of Engineering and Science. Organizing an event on such a scale is no mean feat. And I know this because I myself have been part of the Event Management team that made Ojass – 2014 possible.

Ojass is a culmination of months of energy and focus put into planning the schedule of workshops, followed by finalizing the events, promoting the events in various colleges, invitation for guest lectures, estimates of budget, getting the things in place to accommodate the large number of students during the 3 days, finding and motivating responsible volunteers – always thinking one step ahead for any possible last minute hurdle.

What makes it wonderful is that all this happens entirely by the co-ordinated efforts of students across all the years – starting from the Technical Secretary of Students’ Council, then Core Group having various sub teams, the Senior Co-ordinators and going down till the last volunteer on the ground – all of them are students.

I think it is not only about the dedication, co-ordination and planning across various teams, but also about what we leave behind as legacy and what we take away with us.

We leave behind an idea so powerful to motivate students to work hard, by giving them a platform to showcase their skills, we leave behind an example of a collaborative effort that maximized the use of all resources, we leave behind a hope for coming batches that something great can always be done by them – to learn and to help others learn. It all about never leaving without an impact.

For those us who have been part of Ojass – we take with us the memories of sleepless nights about how would the funds be managed, how to effectively conduct workshops, how to benefit maximum students, how to make the events a success. The memories bring a smile on our face. We take with us lifelong friendships made with the people we worked with, we take with us lessons in management and team work, we take with us a renewed confidence in our abilities to steer forward.

I hope and I sincerely pray that Ojass gets grander every year and the way I have seen Ojass ’15 being conducted, I have no doubts that the upcoming Ojass ’16 would be another moment of pride for us.

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