The Science of Well Being – Happiness Course

I love to always keep learning something new. I do a lot of courses online, mostly on the tech and management part – on popular sites like Coursera and Udemy.

But recently I have picked interest in exploring some alternate courses and I am discovering some great content. I have found courses related to musical instruments, learning to teach online and even how to be happy.

Along the course of time, through multiple blog posts, I will try to cover my learnings from these courses.

Today I want to discuss a very, very famous course of Yale University given by Professor Laurie Santos – The Science Of Well Being

Originally, this course is an offline course available for students of Yale University. Over the course of time this course has become very famous among the students of Yale with almost every student opting to take this course at some point. It prompted Yale University to create an online format of this course, which they did and kept it absolutely FREE!

Believe me – You should take this course

The course starts on answering a very fundamental misunderstanding that we have. We always misjudge where our true happiness. We look for happiness in jobs, relationships, having kids, more money and stuff. But does this really make us happy? This is a key question that is answered.

The next bigger question, in fact the one about which we are keener to know the answer is where our happiness lies. And Professor Santos has gone to great lengths to put forward her points regarding the ways to be happy. There are lot of references and practical examples. I would say she won’t leave you unconvinced.

Each week also has some positive affirmation and activity to undertake. The course is also conducted in a very informal setting. She can be seen sitting along with her students at her home, which gives a more personal touch to the course.

I was deeply helped by this course and have been trying to use this course to the fullest.  Do this give this course a try. Below is the link for you.

Coursera – The Science Of Well Being – Professor Laurie Santos, Yale University

I can guarantee you that once you diligently follow what’s taught in this course, you will feel both stronger and happier.

Do take this course and let me know if it helped you.

Stay strong!

Meanwhile, today I made a video of a Hindi Song which I played on Piano. It still needs a lot of refinement, but it is one of the things which made me happy today. Please watch, enjoy and share your thoughts.

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