Book Review – Quest of the Sparrows – Explore the Joy of Freedom, Kartik Sharma

The book, Quest of the Sparrows – Explore the Joy of Freedom is inspired by the life of a sparrow. A sparrow symbolises a carefree life, not bogged down by thoughts of future and what next. We human beings have an innate ability to achieve much more than what we are made to believe. Churned in the cycle of work and sleep, we become meek survivirs, never realising our true potential.

Why are we running all the time. Why are we so much worried about achieving the next goal that we fail to savour the sweet happiness of having achieved something good now. The Quest of the Sparrows nudges us to live in the moment.

The story is seen from the perspective of several people – a tormented businessman Nikhil, an accidental Swami by the name Parthibhan, an investigator who believes that are swamis are charlatans. We see how their slowly unfolds, their past and what leads up to their present circumstances. Swami Parthibhan sets out to start a 600 km long journey. He challenged his followers to take a tremendous task of journeying from Manmar to Ganpatiphule by walk without money and gadgets. He wants to show that is quite possible to put spiritual ideas into practice. Accompanied by him are several people. The lessons learnt teach us so much about human will power, compassion and brotherhood. This is in fact the essence of Quest of Sparrows.

Behold, you will understand why I called him the accidental Swami when you read this book. It is interesting to learn the insights they gain, the power packed messages, and their discovery of joy, humility and spirituality.

The most interesting aspect that I liked about the book is how each of the characters slowly transform. It gives me hope that there is always a chance to reform bad to good. That we too can rise our flaws and be the sunshine of our lives.

The narration is fast paced and quite vivid with focus on important ideas that the author wants to communicate to us. It is quite commendable that the authors don’t go overboard on enforcing spirituality on the readers. The idea is pressed upon gently at opportune moments. They manage to get their point across.

For the best part, everyone settles well at the end and the readers are to be left with a pleasure and a sense of satisfaction for the read. I would say that the lessons I learned from it, the teachings it provided me, will stay with me for a long while. Also, most importantly it has reminded me to reassign some priorities so that I can live more and fear less about future.

Some quotes from Quest of the Sparrows which I really liked:

“Thanksgiving is the spirit of gratitude towards everything we have today – our house, our jobs, our children, our farms, our cattle, our clothes, our bodies, and our intelligence. Through this spirit, we achieve satisfaction and contentment. Achieving this is not easy, because the mind constantly takes for granted what it possesses and focuses on what it doesn’t have.”

“We possess nothing and will take nothing with us. Everything we own – this body, this breath and all our materialistic belongings – are perishable. So the idea of gaining and losing is a limited one when seen in this light.”

“When we meditate, we revise our value systems, and everything we learn. We introspect on our actions and remove our flaws. Forget to eat or sleep but don’t
give up your meditation. Never underestimate its value and importance. It will make you aware of your true potential by freeing you from all that’s wasteful.”

Other notable books that I have read in the same genre as Quest of Sparrow:

  • A fistful of love – Om Swami
  • Autobiography of a Yogi – Yogananda Paramahansa
  • Freedom from Known – Jiddu Krishnamurthi

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