“Relax sweetheart – it’s just a Bend, not the End”

When I first heard this quote by actress Sophia Loren, I was so impressed with the simplicity and deep meaning of so few words.

The original lines go somewhat like this –

“When I got enough confidence, the stage was gone.

When I was sure of Losing, I won.

When I needed People the most, they Left me.

When I learnt to dry my Tears, I found a shoulder to Cry on.

When I mastered the Skill of Hating, Someone started Loving me from the core of the Heart.

And, while waiting for Light for Hours when I fell asleep, the Sun came out.

No matter what you Plan, you never know what Life has Planned for you.

Success introduces you to the World, But Failure introduces the World to you.

Often when we lose Hope and think this is the end.

God smiles from above and says, Relax Sweetheart; It’s just a Bend, not the End..!”

Thanks to Ketan’s blog for these lines.

Now every time I find myself in a difficult situation, I try to remember these lines and take a deep breath. It helps I must say.

Back in 2017 when I was prepping for my tumor surgery, I was terrified and losing nerve. But right before the surgery I remember recalling these lines and realising that every adversity gives us a chance to grow.

Since then, I have recovered more or less fully.

I mastered advanced yoga poses.

I am reading Bhagavad Gita.

I am spending more time in social services.

I started learning piano.

I started valuing every little thing.

I put my best foot forward in every work I do now. I was so glad when they announced at my office that I had won the President’s award.

It is not that I wouldn’t have been happy if I hadn’t got the award. But what I want to emphasize is that the being aware of and accepting the constant change in life, for good or for bad; has helped me place more of my energy in the current, now moment. This in turn is impacting every aspect of my life positively.

I am realizing that happiness or bliss is our natural state. We don’t need to search for it.

It is not that all my demons are silenced. But I now fight them with much greater resolve. And I do turn out victorious most of the times.

So sweetheart, relax – it’s just a bend, not the end.

What is your story?

One thought on ““Relax sweetheart – it’s just a Bend, not the End”

  1. Story of my life? Being born in vanilla skin, searching, wondering, exploring who I am deeply under layers of that skin; left safe shore of home country, traveled the world, sat in my circles/ tribes of healing and still enjoyed the most my inner circle. After years of studies, no needs for extended travel — all is in me, the jounrey is still on….


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