A visit to Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust

As many of you might be knowing, I have been closely associated with several NGOs through a major portion of my life. I feel it as my duty to pass the love and blessings that I have received from my God to the less fortunate ones.

I work most closely with NGOs for children. I believe children are the light of our future.

I am also part of a group on WhatsApp, in which most of the members have never met each other. We are across different cities in India. But every month each one of us would pool together some money and select an NGO for donation. This initiative was started by Sujatha who started off alone and then slowly friends and friends of friends joined along. Of the 17 members in group, I have only met three in person.

Fortunately for me, Sujatha lives in Bangalore, so I can visit whenever we select an NGO in Bangalore.

As a part of same effort, today we went to Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust – home of old age, orphans and destitute. The money we pooled was used to prepare special lunch for all the kids and elders. We also distributed some snacks. I accompanied Sujatha and one another member of the group, Naaz.

The kids all go to government schools and the elders are well taken care of. Many of them are suffering from age-related conditions like paralysis, stroke, vision problems, and hearing problems.

I was saddened to see their plight. But at the same time there is home that we as responsible citizens support a noble cause, things will get better and brighter soon.

I am sharing some pictures from today below.

Kids at Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust
Kids at Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust
Three of Us - Sujatha, Naaz and Myself
Three of Us – Sujatha, Naaz and Myself


Naaz with kids
Naaz with kids


Sujatha with Kids
Sujatha with Kids


If you have suggestions for any other NGOs we can visit in Bangalore, please let us know in the comments below.

Thank You.

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