Don’t take shortcuts – The process is important

I was listening to a wonderful talk at Harvard Medical School delivered by Sadhguru on the topic – Memory, Consciousness and Coma. It is an enlightening topic. Parts of the discussion appealed to me very much. On careful afterthought, I liked one particular statement by Sadhguru the most. And this is the discussion for today’s blog on understanding that the process is important. Don’t take shortcuts.

The video link to the talk is shared below:

Now coming back to what I wanted to shared. Have you every noticed a plant blooming with flowers. It looks so beautiful, so full of life. It instantly brings a smile on our face.

Flowers blooming
Flowers blooming

Where does the flower come from? You will say, of course from the seed. But the seed was always there. What caused the seed to go from being in its dormant state to full blooming flowering plant?

Yes correct. The sunlight, the soil, the water and the air – they all tended to the growth of the seed to a flowering plant. But is that the complete answer yet? No.

You see the presence of the sun, or the soil, or the water or the air in themselves or together is not enough for the seed to sprout. The process is important too. You can’t have a shortcut from seed to the flower.

The soil has to be just right, the sunlight just enough, the water needs to be given with the right frequency and quantity. The weather should also be conducive. Only then does the flower bloom.


All too often in life, we tend to take shortcuts. We have become so goal oriented, that we fail to enjoy the process. A simple act like having a dinner has become a chore of simply filling up our stomach. We fail to appreciate the taste of a well cooked meal, its nourishment of our body, its role in healing. The process has taken a backseat when it is so important.

I keep this blog short, so that you have more time to think. Slow down, don’t shortcuts. Focus, focus on the process.


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Photo by Ijaz Rafi on Unsplash

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