Mind Management Techniques – Importance of Good Thoughts

Mind Management Techniques will a series of posts on how to improve the key things related to our well being. I learnt about this at our Yoga and Spiritual Study center here in Bangalore and would like to share it with you.

Mind Management Technique series 1 – Improving your thought process

I believe all of you have heard the magic words whenever we pretend to do a magic trick – “Abracadabra”. The word has an interesting meaning. It is a Hebrew word meaning “I create as I speak.” It means that you draw upon a mystic power to create something.

This mystic power is nothing but the strength of the mind. Now mind does not distinguish good from bad. It is a creature of habit. If you think and speak good things, definitely better things start happening. If you think negative, negative things surrounds you. Daniel Goleman discusses this profoundly in his book on Emotional Intelligence – the effect of our thoughts on immunity, creativity, physical health, mental well-being and effectively our success in other pursuits.

In short avoiding “anti-growth”, “detrimental”, “negative”, “worrisome” thoughts is the first step. The strength of a building is in the foundation, the invisible part. Likewise, for us the strength has to lie in our minds. How do I accomplish it and you too can try. I make use of following various Mind Management Techniques:

  • Engaging in useful actions ( useful for negative thoughts related to fear of various things including health, finance, relations) – Diverting the mind, when bad thoughts come. Conduct charity, clean your room, talk to friends, read books, art, dance, Yoga.
  • Identify with what you have, not with what you don’t have (useful for thoughts related to material attachments, ex my neighbor has this I don’t have) – Count your blessings, make list of positive things in every aspect of your life like family, job, friendship, etc.

Positive effect these values are having for me – The mind has a habit of continuously generating new thoughts. But there are windows of silence which I can experience now. It is an absolute bliss difficult to describe. I feel happier and every activity acquires a new freshness and motivation to complete.

Let me emphasize that the point is not to run away from problems in the name of avoiding negative thoughts. Of course problems in life have to be dealt with.

But we want to use the energy of mind in solving the problem and not in sticking with the problem. 🙂

About Mind Management Techniques

My Yoga teacher has published a series of four booklets by the name Mind Management Techniques that try to focus on key aspects of our living. Around 155 points cover the following topics:

  1. Success simulators and achievers
  2. Guidance for Growth and Improvement
  3. Source of Solutions to Problems
  4. Enhance Happiness and Enrich Your Life

I have found these to be immensely helpful in developing a positive outlook towards life.

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