Wonder Weekends – How to spend time on weekends and days off

Phew! It’s finally Friday and we get the happy feeling of being relieved from office work for two days. While we all feel happy about the weekend off, there is always a nagging feeling as to how to best utilize and spend time on the weekend. This wonder weekend can be your guide to planning your weekend and making a quality use of the free time.

Remember, we want to balance weekend productivity with the rest and recovery.

So, here is my list for wonder weekend – spending time on weekends and days off

  1. Read Magazines – Magzter.com has a large collection of magazines across all genres and you will definitely find something of your interest. The subscription costs for Magzter Gold are also pretty decent for one year.
  2. Write A Blog/Make a Vlog – This is what I am doing right now! I love to write and share my thoughts and ideas with you. It doesn’t have to be very complicated or over the world, either a blog or video. Simple ones focusing on what you do, feel and experience will help you release lot of held up stress. This could become your way of keeping a journal.
  3. Plan you finances – A weekly review of your expenses, income, investments and insurance would go a long way in ensuring that things don’t spin out of control anytime. You can also take time to go through your bills, credit card statements and see if you are doing some any unnecessary spending. A penny saved is a penny earned. This is a personal priority for me on weekends.

    Plan your finances
    Plan your finances
  4. Volunteer – Paying it forward in any capacity you can will make for a better society and individual. I have been volunteering at children’s NGOs for about 10 years now. I consider this no less than my duty. You can see a list here. NGOs in Bangalore – Orphanages, Old Age Homes and NGOs for disabled
  5. Relax and rejuvenate – Get proper full night sleep and if you wish, take short naps as well.
  6. Eat Healthy! – For two days avoid the temptation to go out and instead chose to cook a healthy snack or meal for yourself. Cooking together with your spouse is one of the great ways to build and strengthen relationships.

    Eat Healthy
    Eat Healthy
  7. Exercise – Don’t OVERDO. But surely some body movement and stretches during weekends will help build long term stamina and immunity. Couple this with simple meditation and you have healed your body and mind. The Best YouTube Yoga channels – curated list of my top favorites
  8. Read. Read. Read. – Books are a treasure so why not delve into it. I guess you already know how important it is to read. Here are a couple of lists. Books I have read – the must read list of 2019

  9. Call and Meet People – We all crave human connection and bonding. So why not get in touch with your relatives, friends, college mates. Facetime, Skype or Call them. Better still plan to meet them. It will surely make you smile.
  10. Pursue your interests – Right now I am learning Piano and Kannada during weekends. You can pick something too. A very productive way to spend time on weekends indeed. Looking for some motivation? YouTube suggestions – my favorite songs on piano – Part 1



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