Hello! I am Vivek from India. I loves knowing the meanings of names. My name “Vivek” means the wisdom to choose between the good and the bad. I love being around children. I always work with NGOs for children. I have started to play piano, I read books.

This blog is about putting together a lot of things – I want to share my love for piano, about books, about my NGO work, about how I try to find meaning in every day things. I have been through a tumor surgery, a constant heaviness in head, heavy legs and sprained back. But I have learnt not to worry. Things take time, wounds heal. We grow stronger.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Navya

    Hi, Hope you are doing great,
    I am Navya, Marketing executive at Pocket FM (India’s best audiobooks, Stories, and audio show app). I got stumbled on an excellent article of yours about Ashtavakra Gita and am really impressed with your work. So, Pocket FM would like to offer you the audiobooks related to the same. https://www.pocketfm.in/show/fc434f231b760f59043144d88a4d207670baa093). Pls, mail me at navya.sree@pocketfm.in for further discussions.

    PS: Sry for the abrupt comment (commented here as I couldn’t access your contact form)


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