My Heart Will Go On – Piano

I bought a new Yamaha Keyboard/Synthesizer! The keyboard is a delight and I am all excited. However while the keyboard is new, I chose to play my old favourite as the first song on this. This is a rendition of the timeless music piece sung by Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On, from …

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After the Flood


After it recedes, we are changed. That’s what floods do. they re-arrange the way our furniture now sits, ( if there’s furniture left ), we learn how to walk without footwear. There are new levels of comfort, or discomfort.

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Recent floods in Kerala and parts of Karnataka where I live, brought back vivid images of  a cyclone that near washed out a village I lived in as a child, in coastal Odisha, India. Three days and nights the cyclone wailed, it flattened a village, tore out trees, cables, flung dead fish, animals, roofs, and then all was still. When the sun came out, the sands were deathly white, no footprints. We talked in whispers, we didn’t care for yesterday’s formalities. I was seven years old, maybe eight, and remember not stopping to comb hair or bother about getting into outdoor clothes. We were glad to be alive, there were those…

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